We were extremely honoured to have been chosen by the Sage, At Gateshead, to perform on their Christmas concourse, prior to the amazing Inspirational choir who were performing in Sage One throughout the day. We were treated like stars for the day, it was an amazing experience.

We were greeted by Malcolm at The stage Door who showed us to our room which we were sharing with the amazing ELF band and Santa Claus. What a friendly and lovely group of people it truly was lovely to spend the day with you all xxx

You all kept us very entertained dancing to our songs and singing along every time you had a break in between looking after all the gorgeous children going to see Santa Claus.

We were extremely lucky to have the Inspirational choir as part of our audience in between their rehearsals and performances and we felt so humbled to have them watch us and dance and sing the day away with us all and even more humbled and proud to get so many lovely comments from such an amazing choir who had just come back to the UK from a  tour to Vienna and Salzburg WOW !!!!.




We also received a really lovely Thank you from The Sage to top of a perfect day. It was our honour and privilege xxxx

And if all that wasn’t enough our local Newspaper Hartlepool Life published an article around our fantastic day at The Sage. It meant a lot to us to be recognised in our local area. Thankyou so much xxx